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  • Course Duration4 years
  • Course Start31 August
  • Course Fee5,000 EUR
University of Pécs
Tuituin fee
5,000 EUR
Full time
Study Language
Health and Medicine
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30 July
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31 August
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The physiotherapist is much more than a masseur or aerobics instructor. The massaging and exercising is only a small element of the wide variety of techniques with which a physiotherapist creates magic: the joy of painless movement. You use your body day by day but have you ever wondered how much work your muscles, sinews and joints do in order to move your body parts in harmony? If you dislocate your ankle or pinch a nerve in your back, you will understand how important it is to take good care of your body. With the 20-21st century came a change in our lifestyle. Did you grow up playing football, climbing trees all day long? These stimuli are important in the early development of our movement and nervous system. As a physiotherapist, you can cure the problems created by inactivity. Although our world is moving fast, we don’t move enough. And so, a physiotherapist will always have many tasks. With your creativity and empathy, you could be the creator of a new treatment, the new Dévény, McKenzie or Schrott! You don’t necessarily have to work in health care; you’ll have opportunities to work for wellness, fitness or sport centers, spas and spa-hotels or even sports clubs. If you have the experience you can also start your own business. You can always deepen your knowledge by doing research or teaching: you can gain a PhD in the Doctoral School. Or you can open a private physiotherapy praxis. The health, life and social sciences will be followed by a great deal of anatomy. After mastering these, you will deepen your knowledge in the workings of the muscles and joints. You will get the knack of the job after participating in skill labs and if your moves are skilled enough you will then use this knowledge in the field with the help of a mentor.  



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