Romology (Roma Studies) /Specialization in Boyash language and culture / Specialization in Romani language and culture

University of Pécs

  • Course Duration3 years
  • Course Start31 August
  • Course Fee5,000 EUR
University of Pécs
Tuituin fee
5,000 EUR
Full time
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Humanities and Sciences
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14 July
Study Starts
31 August
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The needs of Roma communities could be professionally and effectively represented by trained Romologists and the initiatives of the different organizations, institutions might be also represented through them among the local Roma communities in order to gain efficient communication to solve current issues. Collaborating with professionals from other fields - such as: sociologists, social politicians, teachers, lawyers, medical doctors, etc. - is essential for Romologists. In order to develop collaboration skills of our graduates, there are several courses during the program which are based on cooperative learning methods and group work. Field work and research methodology are in the core curriculum in order to prepare our graduates to work with real communities and other professionals after graduation. The two officially accepted languages spoken by Hungarian Roma are thought as well. Our graduates have the great chance to learn both of these languages: Boyash and Romani, and after 1 semester they could decide which languages they want to continue with to succeed a B2 level language exam till the end of their graduation. Not just the languages but their situation and sociolinguistic background are thought as well. The diverse content of this program provides a wide range of job opportunities, depending on what exact field of Romani Studies (education, social issues, minority rights, cultural anthropology, languages, etc.) is the most interesting for the given graduate. 



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